Prof. Doron Aurbach – Investigador altamente citado para 2022

Prof. Doron Aurbach, of Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Chemistry, is among the scientists most cited in academic journals in 2022. This according to a comprehensive analysis conducted by Clarivate, the research company, which calculates the impact factor, using data from its Web of Science platform.

Clarivate recently completed its annual review, publishing the names of some 7,000 top-ranking scientists from around the world, which make up 0.1% of all researchers tested in 21 different scientific fields. The inclusion of Prof. Aurbach in the List of 2022 Highly Cited Researchers (HCR) is further recognition of his great influence on the research fields in which he is involved.

Prof. Aurbach is a world-renowned scientist, who is recognized for his research in the fields of energy storage and conversion. Among his many roles, he serves as the head of the university’s Electrochemistry Research Group, as Director of the Bar-Ilan University Center for Energy and Sustainability (55 research groups from seven faculties, covering all fields of energy, networks, regulation, ecology, environment, earth and climate science, and engineering) and as leader of the Israel National Energy Research Consortium (INERC, 33 research groups from seven academic institutions in Israel, which collaborate on study of hydrogen economy, solar energy, energy storage and recycling.)

The Electrochemistry Research Group he leads at Bar Ilan University develops, investigates and characterizes rechargeable batteries with  high energy density for electric transportation, rechargeable batteries suitable for storing renewable energy (mainly solar energy on a large scale) , super capacitors, electronically conducting polymers, water treatment processes that include desalination by electrochemical means, creation of disinfectant solutions from tap water, and production of “green” hydrogen by electrochemical processes.